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AgriNet have proudly been supplying farm software for to Irish Farmers for the benefit of Irish Farmers, for 25 years!

HerdApp is our latest offering with over 3,000 downloads to date - we are pleased to say that HerdApp is going from strength to strength & we are always expanding our features, largely based on farmer feedback. 


State of the art, farm management App that can be used anywhere, anytime! 


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 About HerdApp

From the creators of HERDMASTER and CASHMINDER

AgriNet has been in existence for over 25 years, and has an excellent support team. We know what farmers want & what farmers expect from an App. 


HerdApp has a free version available to all Irish farmers. View all aspects of the fertility within your herd including: 
- AI serves from technicians 
- Submission Rates 
- Conception rates 
- Highlights cows not yet served 
- Cows not holding to 1st or 2nd serve .

All milk recording data automatically there contributing to SDCT.


Easily scan medicine & dosing bottles to keep up to date with reports for Bord Bia inspections. 
HerdApp has a dedicated area for Bord Bia inspections which ensures the farmer has all the correct information ready for their inspection. 

Another brilliant part of HerdApp is that you can scan the ear tags for calves as they're born - register calves in seconds from the shed! 


Designed with the farmer in mind - everything is simple and to the point.
Enter every event from the yard at the touch of button. 
Look up animals, review serve dates & enter drug administrations - even without WiFi or Data 

Always Live & Up to Date 

Because HerdApp is linked to ICBF & AgFood from day one - you can be sure all of your information is correct: 
- AI Serves 
- Animals sold in Factories/Marts or that die on farm come off automatically 
- Milk Recording Data 
- Stock Counts will match AgFood Profile 
- Sire advice for the dairy herd - Live Spring '19 

Cutting down on paperwork! 

03. Register Calves 

HerdApp makes it so quick to register calves from the yard. 
- Enter the Dam Number
- The Sire will come up recommended if there is a serve recorded 
- Scan the ear tag for the calf
- Select whether it is male or female 

High quality solutions

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